Mercy faced kidney failure and a host of other health challenges, but now she has hope for a better future.
by Rachel Perry

“Before I came to Hartland, my health was poor,” says Mercy Peoples, a recent guest at our Lifestyle Education Center (LEC). “I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and kidney failure. Life was stressful, and I became very depressed.” She also struggled with her weight. “At one point, I had weighed over 350 pounds; the hospital scale could not even weigh me because it didn’t go up that high.” Gastric bypass surgery and medication brought her down to 275, but she couldn’t seem to lose any more.

Mercy and her husband Calvin arrived at the LEC hopeful, yet uncertain. Would the program work? “I only went to see if they could save my kidney,” says Mercy. “I never once considered about my diabetes, blood pressure, or cholesterol.”

Mercy and Calvin quickly felt at home in the warm, loving environment of the LEC. “It was wonderful, refreshing, and relaxing!” Mercy relates. “I appreciated the kindness and personal attention that I received, and the prayers before each procedure. It felt like I was with family.”

The new schedule of going to bed early and waking up early was difficult for Mercy at first. But she was determined not to give up. “My kidney problems and weight loss goals motivated me to keep going. I was going to get my money’s worth out of this program!”

After just four days, Mercy started seeing results. She was able to get off her insulin; her pancreas was working again! At the end of her 10-day program, Mercy anxiously entered the LEC exam room one last time to get her vitals checked and find out her blood test results. What would the outcome be? “

When I saw the results, I was shocked, then happy! I had lost 14 pounds, had no more diabetes, no more high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and my depression was gone—and all with no medication, just a simple change of diet.” It was a miracle!

Mercy is excited to continue implementing these changes at home. “I’m walking more, eating just two meals a day, and sticking to the plant-based diet I learned about at the lifestyle center. I’ve already lost 16 more pounds!”

“I tell anyone and everyone I can about Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center,” Mercy adds. “You can never put a dollar amount on your health, but the price is worth it!”