Welcome to Hartland Lifestyle Center! Step into a world where you can find complete relaxation and rejuvenation. At Hartland, we offer bodywork, hydrotherapy treatments, and much more to get you ready and confident for this New Year season. This is the perfect time to experience the new you. Come and enjoy spa days at Hartland. 

All our SPA services include 30 minutes FREE Coaching session

Foot Soak

Our therapeutic, mineral-rich foot soaks help with pain relief, foot health, perfect skin softening, muscle relaxation for tired feet, and soothing detox. This foot soaks are customized according to your needs.
30 minutes/$60

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage therapy can be both relaxing and energizing. Our massages work deep into the tissue which helps to relieve muscle tension, optimizes blood circulation, and produces complete relaxation.
60 minutes/$120

Salt Glow

This mineral-rich salt scrub combined with high-quality essential oils helps remove dead cells, cleans the skin, and encourages cell regeneration. It invigorates the body, leaving a smooth, glowing, baby-soft skin.
30 minutes/$60

Steam/Infrared Sauna

A sauna increases detoxification, improves blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and promotes weight loss by eliminating body waste through perspiration. Walk-in for a 30-minute sauna and leave with supercharged cell power!
40 minutes/$60

Face Massage

Are you looking for more glowing and youthful-looking skin? This targeted massage promotes cellular function that activates and nourishes muscles for a radiant, younger look.
15 minutes/$45

Face Mask

Our facial treatments are formulated to help with different skin care concerns. Our potent face mask cleanses deeply, extracts impurities, and hydrates the skin. It also rejuvenates and gives radiance to your skin and puts a smile on your face!
30 minutes/$60

Steam Inhalation

This hydro-facial steam therapy helps to relieve a cold or a sinus infection while opening the nasal passages and soothing the delicate airways.
15 minutes/$45

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