Wellness Programs

The Hartland Lifestyle Center program is for all who are seeking for a better lifestyle and relaxation from the busy life we all live. Along with that, we offer specially designed health programs that focus on stress management, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, weight management, hypertension, and smoking cessation.

Enjoy a relaxed, home-like setting complete with private rooms, an exercise room, recreational outings, plant-based meals, informative health lectures, practical instruction in nutrition, natural therapies (herbs, massage, hydrotherapy, etc.), and lifestyle evaluations and counseling.

Throughout the session, you will receive lifestyle consultations and counseling which will help you to receive the most from the program and how to continue when you return home, along with follow-up counseling. There are lectures on healthful living and everyday diseases that can be prevented and even reversed which will be shared with you throughout the session. Hands-on cooking is available to inspire you to continue to cook healthfully in a way that is simple and enjoyable! A free cookbook is offered with a majority of the recipes that you participate in preparing. In the afternoon, you are privileged to receive therapies such as a neutral bath to help you calm and relax, Russian steam, which is similar to the steam room, and the paraffin for relieving a painful body part. Massage is given to tissues that need relaxation, and for relieving muscle tension. Walking partners are here to guide you through the beautiful acreage of the campus by nicely paved roads. In the evening, all are welcome to relax with special programs such as gardening lectures, “culture night” presented by Hartland College students, and a special music program.

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