“Had I known in my late 20s what I know now, I wouldn’t be suffering from diabetes, and I wouldn’t be sitting here with one leg missing,” says 67-year-old Gary Stevens, a guest at our five-day lifestyle program.

Gary felt overwhelmed and hopeless. He had already undergone a quadruple bypass, and congestive heart failure was wreaking havoc on his body. Now, struggling to adjust to his prosthetic leg, he also faced the prospect of losing his eyesight.

“I was a meat eater up until about three months ago,” he shares, “and as a result, my arteries got pretty clogged up.”

A friend told him about Hartland Lifestyle Center, and through the kindness of an anonymous donor, he was able to attend.

Two weeks before the program, Gary was asked to begin exercising and changing his diet—”no more processed oils, no more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, no meat, no dairy.” It was a difficult change, but he was determined to do whatever it took to keep his eyesight and to be able to take care of himself. “I don’t want to go into any old folks’ retirement home,” he declared.

At Hartland, he was surprised at how delicious the food was! “None of the food had any meat or dairy in it, and it tasted so wonderful! They showed us many different recipes, and how to make dressings and so forth.”

Gary’s body responded quickly to his new diet and exercise program. He was able to read text on a sheet of paper for the first time in over a year! His insulin requirements dropped to ¼ in a three-week period, and he was able to reduce his blood pressure meds by 75%.

“I lost so much weight I had to put another notch in my belt,” he adds.

Gary’s outlook on life also improved drastically as he went through the program. “I felt 100% better! Morning and evening worship were two vital things that I really appreciated.”

Back at home, people are now asking, “What happened to Gary? He’s different!”