Pastor Summers loves sharing the health message that helped her conquer diabetes. by Rachel Perry

“I am an 18-year cancer conqueror, and I believe God allowed this to happen to me so I could minister to other women who are combating this disease.” Meet Ada Summers, pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church in Madison County, Virginia.

One of Pastor Summers’ church members invited Angela Pulley, director of Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC), to their Fitness Day. Angela and several Hartland students presented lectures and provided vegan food samples. The  attendees enjoyed Hartland’s lectures and food so much, they invited Angela and her team to participate in more health events. It was through these events that Angela befriended Pastor Summers.

“I have diabetes,” Pastor Summers told Angela. “I’m taking medication, but I want to get off.” Angela invited her to come for a 10-day session at the LEC.

“My experience at the LEC was one that I shall never forget,” Pastor Summers relates. “I enjoyed it from the moment I set foot there. The location is breathtaking, nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are no words to describe the humility, honesty, meekness, love, peace, and joy of the people I met—both staff and fellow health guests. I loved the prayers before and after treatments, as well as the worship time every morning and evening. The food was different, but I enjoyed it very much.”

Some health guests find the lifestyle program difficult at first, but Pastor Summer’s positivity carried her through. “I believed and knew this would help me to get well, so it was not hard for me.”

And her faith was not in vain! “At the end of the program I felt great!” she exults. “My blood sugar went down, I lost weight, I stopped taking my medication, and now I am doing wonderfully.”

“Now Pastor Summers and I are trying to organize a program called Health Coalition—inviting pastors to come for a vegan meal, a health lecture, and health screening,” shares Angela. “We hope they will get excited about healthy living and pass it on to their congregations.”

“I would encourage others 100 percent to come and reap the benefits of this program,” says Pastor Summers. “I thank God for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience.”