“I have quit smoking for good.” by Sabrina Petersen

The bondage of addiction can appear impossible to break, especially when one is faced with the challenge alone. Kimberly Metts, a guest at Hartland’s Lifestyle Education Center (LEC), realized this in her own case. “I attended the lifestyle center because I wanted to quit smoking and I knew I could not do it by myself,” she says. The healthy atmosphere and loving staff would provide the boost she needed to follow through with her decision.

Though not experiencing severe health problems, Kimberly, a director at an engineering firm and a grandmother of one beloved grandson, knew that she needed a change in her habits. “I had problems catching a deep breath due to smoking,” she explains. Conquering this addiction would improve her quality of life, thus better allowing her to enjoy her family, friends, and one of her favorite activities— camping.

Kimberly describes her experience at the LEC: “Hartland is an absolutely exceptional center. All of the staff are kind and supportive; and by supportive, I mean they anticipate your needs before you even know that you might need something. Whether I needed food, drink, or company, the staff were very prompt in helping me achieve success.”

Kimberly is also thankful for the personal touch of the staff, as they sought to help her overcome her addiction. “My therapist would listen to me ramble on about my family for hours. The staff made me feel like I was important,” she comments. Furthermore, she encountered God’s amazing peace here: “The atmosphere at Hartland is tranquil. You can feel God’s presence.”

What was the result of Kimberly’s time at the LEC? “I only attended the program for four days, but by the end of the fourth day, I felt success. The nicotine was out of my system and I didn’t feel withdrawal symptoms.”

Through the power of God and His healing methods, not only has she fully turned away from smoking, but she has also been able to sustain the change. “I have not smoked since I started the program in November 2014,” she reports, and she plans to keep it that way!

Based on her own powerful transformation, Kimberly says, “I would recommend Hartland to anyone who feels they can’t quit smoking on their own.”