Daily Schedule

The daily schedule for Hartland Lifestyle Education Center participants is personalized according to individual needs and health assessment. The following is a typical daily schedule (may change according to season):
Morning Schedule
Time Activity
6:00 am Rising time and vital signs
7:30 am Stroll
7:45 am Devotional
8:05 am Morning stretch
9:45 am Practical nutrition
11:15 am Health lecture
12:45 pm Lunch
Afternoon Schedule
Time Activity
1:30 pm Stroll
2:30 pm Individual exercise
3:30 pm Hydrotherapy + Massage
4:30 pm Rest
5:00 pm Group Exercise
6:00 pm Supper (Optional)
7:00 pm Devotional (Optional)
Evening Schedule
Time Activity
7:00 pm Devotional
7:30 pm Free Time
9:00 pm Bedtime

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