Covid-19 Regulations

With our current world situation, we at Hartland Lifestyle Center commit to making your stay as safe and comfortable as possible. To do this, we request each participant, staff member, or guest to check their temperature and symptoms daily, and in case of any cold-like symptoms or high body temperature, to stay quarantined for the recommended time. We also take precautions such as strict food service regulations, social distancing and/or wearing of masks or shields as much as possible inside the building, and sanitizing public areas on a regular basis.
While taking precautions to prevent the spread of viruses, we also commit to helping you build your body’s natural defense system through nutrient-dense foods, power drinks, detox treatments, and immune-boosting activities including exercise. We promote having a regular bedtime to restore and renew your body, and we gently help you towards emotional and spiritual peace and healing in these uncertain times. All of these practices work together to prepare you to face disease if it comes, and to equip you to prevent it in the first place!
There’s another important way we can help you be prepared. Through our lifestyle program, many underlying conditions and chronic diseases can be reversed or prevented altogether. This could be life-saving! It will also set you free to enjoy life in a new way.
It has never been more important to take care of your health. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING!
— The Hartland Lifestyle Center Team

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